Can I install my own septic system in NC?

QUESTION: Is a homeowner allowed to install his or her own system? ANSWER: A homeowner may install the system for a property that will used as his or her primary residence as long as the system is gravity fed, pipe and gravel system and is limited to two systems within a five year period.


Also, how much does it cost to install a septic system in North Carolina?

SortFix can help you save time and money on North Carolina septic tank installation. When you use SortFix to hire a septic tank installation contractor in North Carolina you know that you can expect to pay between $3,847 and $6,221. The average cost for septic tank installation in North Carolina is $5,293.

Furthermore, how do I get my septic permit? The Process of Installing a Septic System

  1. Apply for a permit. The first step in the process was applying for a permit.
  2. Percolation test by the state / county. Once our application was in the inspector came out to do a site evaluation and soil percolation test.
  3. Permit is issued.
  4. Final inspection.

Then, how much land do you need for a septic system?

A minimum lot size of one-half acre (average gross) per dwelling unit is required for new developments in the Region using on-site septic tank-subsurface leaching/percolation systems.

What is a septic repair area?

A septic repair area is somewhere you could put a new septic system in the event the old one failed and needed to be replaced. There is lifetime access rights for the septic (although there is no place to put a new one) and the well has those same rights too

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