Can tree roots break gas lines?

Many gardeners are aware that tree roots can damage water pipes, but the roots are a threat to gas lines, as well. When planted too close to a gas line, vigorous tree roots are capable of moving the lines and destroying the protective coating on the pipes. Tree maintenance and accidents can also damage gas lines.


Likewise, what is the fine for breaking a gas line?

Fines for breaking the rules range from $50 up to more than $3,000. KEYE TV analyzed data for all gas pipe penalties in Austin for the last two years.

Furthermore, how close to gas line can you dig? 18 inches

In this manner, can you plant trees near gas lines?

Utilities are particularly interested in where and how trees are planted. In addition to ensuring your trees will not grow into overhead power lines, you should not plant closer than 25 feet from any natural gas transmission line. Tree roots can damage the coating and come in contact with the steel.

Can tree roots damage underground power lines?

Tree roots and underground lines often co-exist without problems. However, trees planted near underground lines could have their roots damaged if the lines need to be dug up for repairs. The biggest danger to underground lines occurs during planting.

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