Does baseboard go over wainscoting?

The baseboard serves as a foundation for the wainscoting panels and other elements. Once it is aligned and level, attach the baseboard to the wall using an air-powered nail gun (Image 2). You could also use a hammer and ordinary finish nails, but the power nailer will make the job go much more quickly.


Simply so, do you put baseboard over wainscoting?

If you do not have pre-notched baseboard, glue and nail the baseboard molding to the wall. Be sure the baseboard is also cut on an angle to hide the seams. Use glue and the nail gun to fasten the chair-rail molding over the top of the wainscoting.

Likewise, does wainscoting make a room look bigger or smaller? Higher wainscoting, particularly if the ceilings are low, will make the rooms feel smaller. Moreover, dark-colored wainscoting will make the rooms feel smaller. If you want to use wainscoting to make the rooms feel larger, you should go for shorter ones with lighter colors.

Also to know, can you install wainscoting without removing baseboards?

There is an easy way to add a board and batten treatment without ripping out all your baseboards! You really only have 3 options for dealing with the baseboards during a board and batten or wainscoting project: The top edge of most baseboards is no more than 1/4″ thick.

How far up should wainscoting go?

The traditional rule of thumb is that wainscoting height should be a third of the wall's height, including the cap or any moldings. So if you have 9-foot walls, then 3-foot (or 36-inch) wainscoting will look great. Scale down to about 32 inches for rooms with 8-foot walls.

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