How do I add tags in iTunes?

Open iTunes and find a song that you'd like tomark with an appropriate tag. Click the song once, so thatit is highlighted, and then press “Ctrl + I.” The nextwindow will have a button marked “File.” Under it youcan see if the track is an AAC or MP3 (iTunes calls MP3'MPEG audio').


Also know, how do you tag songs on iTunes?

  1. Select Multiple songs in iTunes.
  2. Right click on selected files and choose Get Info.
  3. Add tags to selected songs.
  4. Select the song that you want to add tags.
  5. Step 2: Add Tags to the song.

Furthermore, how do I add id3 tags? How to Create and Edit ID3 Tags in Audacity

  1. Choose File → Open Metadata Editor. The Edit ID3 Tags(for MP3 Exporting) window opens.
  2. Fill in these fields: Title: The episode name and/ornumber.
  3. From the Genres drop-down menu, select the option best suitedto your podcast. Click the More button to add a customizedtag.
  4. Click Done.

Then, how do I convert id3 tags in iTunes?

To change ID3 tags, right click in iTuneson the song that you need to change and select "Convert ID3Tags".

How do I put song info on iTunes?

Change song or CD information

  1. In the iTunes app on your Mac, choose Music from the pop-upmenu at the top left, then click Library.
  2. Select the song or CD you want to edit, then choose Edit >[Item] Info (or press Command-I).
  3. Click Details, make your changes, then press the Enter orReturn key.

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