How many native plants are in California?

6,500 species


Also know, what are the native plants in California?

California Native Plants

Also Know, is Lavender a California native? Lavender is not native to California—it originated in the Mediterranean. However, it does grow well in California because the climate is similar to the Mediterranean.

Also to know is, how many trees are native to California?

Introduction. In 1993 The Jepson Manual estimated that California was home to 4,693 native species and 1,169 native subspecies or varieties, including 1,416 endemic species. A 2001 study by the California Native Plant Society estimated 6,300 native plants. These estimates continue to change over time.

What fruit is native to California?

Among fruits native to California, the apple, because of its acknowledged kingship of fruits borne on deciduous trees, may be mentioned first.

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