How many watts is a lamp?

40 Watt incandescent lamp produces only 380-460 lumens and uses 40 Watts of energy per hour. 100 Watt incandescent lamp produces 1700 – 1800 lumens and uses 100 Watts of energy per hour.


Beside this, how many watts does a lamp use?

An incandescent 60-watt bulb, for example, gives off 800 lumens of light. And LED bulbs, which are more energy efficient than their incandescent counterparts, can deliver the same amount of light using as little as 10 watts.

Furthermore, what is the most common light bulb wattage? The most common maximum wattage is 60 watts, but it depends on the fixture.

Besides, can I use a 60 watt bulb in a 40 watt lamp?

If you use a plastic socket and a traditional bulb larger than 60w the chance for heat to be created and melt the socket causing fire was very real. The heat created should not be enough to heat up the socket. I would say yes, it is OK to replace the 40w bulb with a 60w bulb using only 11w.

How many watts should a study lamp be?

Staying focused and on task requires the right amount of brightness. Use a 40 to 60-watt light bulb for tasks such as reading and writing. Use a 60-watt light bulb for tasks such as using a computer.

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