How much did Woolworths make in 2018?

Woolworths HY results 2018: Profit up 37.6% to $969 million.


Likewise, people ask, how much profit did Woolworths make last year?

The retailing giant posted a $1.72 billion net profit after tax, up from $1.53b in the 2017 financial year. Woolworths will use that increased profit to pay shareholders a 50-cent final dividend that matches the first-half distribution. That will be topped up with a one-off 10-cent per share special dividend.

Furthermore, what is the net worth of Woolworths? Woolworths Group (Australia)

Logo since 2017
Woolworths Limited headquarters in the Norwest Business Park
Revenue A$59.98 billion (2019)
Operating income A$2.326 billion (2017)
Net income A$1.593 billion (2017)

Considering this, how much does Woolworths make a year?

Woolworths: Supermarket profit soars 56% to $2.7 billion.

How much is Woolworths debt?

Woolworths' £385m debt The company has struggled under the weight of £385m of debt. Its problems were compounded over the past couple of months when it was forced to pay cash when buying goods from suppliers, because trade credit insurers were no longer prepared to insure suppliers to Woolworths.

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