Is Indian Horse true story?

It's a fictional film, but delivers a story that's all-too real: in the 1950s, a six-year-old Ojibwe boy is torn from his family and forced into a residential school, where he is forbidden to speak his language and faces brutal punishment for the tiniest transgressions.


Besides, is Indian horse based on a real story?

An adaptation of Ojibwe author Richard Wagamese's novel Indian Horse, the film centres on Saul Indian Horse, a young Canadian First Nations boy who survives the Indian residential school system to become a star ice hockey player.

Indian Horse (film)

Indian Horse
Written by Dennis Foon
Based on Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese

Likewise, where is Indian horse based? Set in Northern Ontario in the late 1950s and early 1960s, it follows protagonist Saul Indian Horse as he uses his extraordinary talent for ice hockey to try and escape his traumatic residential school experience.

People also ask, is Indian horse fiction or nonfiction?

B.C.-based Ojibway author Richard Wagamese has written much, both fiction and non-fiction, about the horrific impact of those schools on former students, and the pain and hurt victims often pass on to their own children.

How old is Saul Indian Horse?


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