Is there war in the Philippines?

Philippine-American War, a warbetween the United States and Filipino revolutionaries from 1899 to1902, an insurrection that may be seen as a continuation of thePhilippine Revolution against Spanish rule.


Also question is, what wars has the Philippines been involved in?

The military history of the Philippines ischaracterized by wars between Philippine kingdoms andits neighbors in the precolonial era and then a period of struggleagainst colonial powers such as Spain and the United States,occupation by the Empire of Japan during World War II andparticipation in Asian conflicts post

Also Know, was the Philippines involved in WWI? What most people may not know is how the Philippinesparticipated in World War I, though it is not as active as shewould be during World War II. The Philippines was dragged toWorld War I, the Great War as it was known before 1939,simply because United States joined the war (in 1917).

what was the cause of the Philippine American War?

The basic causes of the Philippine-AmericanWar can be found in the U.S. government's quest for an overseasempire and the desire of the Filipino people for freedom. In otherwords, this war was a clash between the forces ofimperialism and nationalism.

What 3 battles were fought in the Philippines?

The Philippines Campaign (1941–1942), theconquest of the Philippine Islands by the Japanese Empireduring World War II in December '41 – May '42, includingthese significant battles: The Battle of Bataan onLuzon Island. The Battle of Corregidor of 1942 on CorregidorIsland in Manila Bay. Japanese invasion ofDavao.

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