What is a consideration when you are using the AED?

A hairy chest is a consideration when using an AED, the pads may not stick and may fail to deliver a shock. • If you need to use an AED on someone who has been submerged in water, pull the victim out of water and wipe the chest before attaching the. AED pads.


Likewise, people ask, why is a consideration when you are using an AED?

Excessive chest hair If the victim has a hairy chest you will need to remove the hair prior to placing the AED pads on the victim's chest. Leaving hair in place may cause the AED pads not make contact with the patient's chest and cause the shock to be ineffective.

Likewise, what actions should occur next to support? What actions are next, to support a team-based resuscitation attempt? 2 rescuers alternate giving high quality chest compressions. 2 rescuers begin high quality CPR, the 3rd leaves to get the AED.

Furthermore, what is a consideration when using AED quizlet?

On a hairy chest, the pads may not stick and may fail to deliver a shock. What is the most important element of team dynamics? Knowing your Limitations. A victim with a foreign-body airway obstruction becomes unresponsive.

When the AED arrives What is the first step for using it?

Before Using the AED 1Turn on the AED and follow the visual and/or audio prompts. 2 Open the person's shirt and wipe his or her bare chest dry. If the person is wearing any medication patches, you should use a gloved (if possible) hand to remove the patches before wiping the person's chest.

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