What is dying declaration in law of evidence?

A dying declaration is a statement made by a declarant, who is unavailable to testify in court (typically because of the declarant's death), who made the statement under a belief of certain or impending death.


Keeping this in view, how is the dying declaration proved?

Words dying declaration means a statement written or verbal of relevant facts made by a person who is dead. It is dealt under clause (1) of section 32 of the Indian Evidence Act 1872. Generally, it relates to the cause of death of declarant. Dying declaration can be proved by the person who records it.

Additionally, what are the four foundational requirements for the dying declaration exception to the hearsay rule? The four foundational requirements for the dying declaration exception to the hearsay rule are.

In respect to this, what are the essential requirements for admissibility of dying declaration?

The declaration made must be in context to the cause of the death- Any statement made that has co-relation with the death of the declarant is considered admissible. 3. Cause of death must be in question- It is essential condition that the person who is about to die, his/ her death must be in question.

Can FIR be treated as dying declaration?

State of M.P., the Supreme Court Of India held that statement by injured person recorded as FIR can be treated as dying declaration and such statement is admissible under Section 32 of Indian Evidence Act. It was also held that dying declaration must not cover the whole incident or narrate the case history.

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