What is foreign cinema?

Foreign Cinema is a consensus pick for one of the Most Beautiful Restaurants in San Francisco. The Mission District restaurant, run by chef-owners Gayle Pirie and John Clark for nearly two decades now, is housed in a singular location, a winding amalgamation of spaces that is impossible to predict from the storefront.


People also ask, what should I order at Foreign Cinema?

As of this answer's posting (2/12/2012), the top food items at Foreign Cinema on Oink are:

Additionally, when did foreign cinema open? We just needed jobs.” Foreign Cinema had already opened a couple of years earlier in 1999. At the time, the neighborhood was far from the starred dining destination it is today, more notorious for gangs, drugs, and shootings.

Likewise, does Foreign Cinema take walk ins?

Foreign Cinema Most folks don't think you can order the same food there. Uh, yeah you can. Basically, you can always walk in at Foreign Cinema EXCEPT (note the all-caps) for the pop tarts and Persian flat omelettes at brunch. Then, half the tables are reserved for walk-ins.

What is a must eat in San Francisco?

12 Foods You Must Eat When in San Francisco

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