What is Interval Gold membership?

??Interval Gold®Membership

Interval Options® — allows you to trade your home resort week or points toward the purchase of a cruise, hotel, tour, golf, or spa vacation, or a unique Interval Experiences adventure. Get up to 65% off hotels - powered by Priceline Partner Network?


Similarly, you may ask, how much is Interval Gold membership?

Interval Gold Membership Cost The yearly upgrade fee for an Interval Gold status membership is $64. Your total Interval Gold membership cost adds up to be $153 per year with the basic membership fee. However, you can choose to purchase a multi-year membership and save money in the process.

Additionally, how does interval timeshare work? Members deposit their timeshare week with Interval for the opportunity to exchange for a week at another resort. Members can visit new destinations and stay in different timeshare resorts without the hassle or expense of owning multiple weeks.

Keeping this in view, how much is an interval membership?

In order to be a member of Interval International's exchange program, you must pay the basic membership fee of $89. This covers you for one year of membership from the date of purchase.

Can I join Interval International without owning a timeshare?

Interval International is one of the leading timeshare exchange programs. Its network of. This allows you to easily use your week at another location without having to invest in a second timeshare.. You can access all of the exchange listings that are available once you've registered.

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