What is Nitrazine paper used for?

Nitrazine or phenaphthazine is a pH indicator dye often used in medicine. More sensitive than litmus, nitrazine indicates pH in the range of 4.5 to 7.5. Nitrazine is usually used as the disodium salt.


Consequently, how does Nitrazine paper work?

Nitrazine Test This test involves putting a drop of fluid obtained from the vagina onto paper strips containing Nitrazine dye. The strips change color depending on the pH of the fluid. If blood gets in the sample or if there is an infection present, the pH of the vaginal fluid may be higher than normal.

how accurate is Nitrazine paper? Nitrazine Testing The nitrazine test for ROM during pregnancy offers increased sensitivity when compared to ferning. False positive and false negative results of the nitrazine test are up to 17.4% and 12.9%, respectively with sensitivity of 90.7% and specificity of 77.2%.

Keeping this in consideration, what is Nitratest paper used for?

Nitrazine (phenapthazine) paper is used to measure vaginal pH in two settings.

What's the pH of amniotic fluid?

7.0 to 7.5

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