What is the best way to refinish furniture?

Use a coarse sandpaper, a sanding block or a power sander to strip the finish off until the surface is smooth. Once most of the finish is off, switch to medium grit sandpaper to further remove any shine. Finally, finish off with a fine grit sandpaper to smooth out the wood until all finish is completely removed.


Also, is it better to sand or strip furniture?

Don't Sand FurnitureStrip it. Stripping is Faster and Often Safer. Stripping a finish is faster than sanding to remove it. But more importantly, sanding cuts through stain and patina (the color changes in wood caused by light and oxidation), and it does so unevenly.

One may also ask, how do you sand and refinish a table? Sand the entire table removing all stain from edges and legs. If using an orbital or belt sander, be careful not to gouge the surface. Do most of the initial sanding and varnish removal with the 100-grit sandpaper, then step up to 150-grit and do a final pass with 220-grit to smooth out the grain for the new finish.

Herein, how do you refinish furniture?

  1. Clean. Any refinishing furniture DIY starts with basic cleaning.
  2. Examine. Take an overall assessment of the piece and determine if it needs any repairs.
  3. Remove the Old Finish.
  4. Sanding.
  5. Chemical Stripper.
  6. Seal the Wood.
  7. Stain or Paint.
  8. Apply Finish.

Do I need to remove all stain before restaining?

You don't need to remove all of the old stain to apply darker stain. But you do need to remove all of the lacquer, varnish or anything that will prevent new stain from absorbing into the wood. Your sanding block will initially glide over the old lacquer before it begins to cut into it and remove it.

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