What is the difference between Singer 15 90 and 15 91?

The only difference between this model and the 15-91 is the belt-driven external motor on the 15-90 as opposed to the gear-driven "potted" motor on the 15-91.


Regarding this, does Singer 15 91 have reverse?

There is one Singer 15 with the Egyptian decals and reverse. The newer ones Singer had made in Asia in the 1970s or 80s.

what is a potted motor? Potted is just that, a little potted motor hanging off of the back. It is belt driven and you can put it on a threadle if you would like or make it a hand crank with a little change.

Similarly, you may ask, what is a Class 15 Singer sewing machine?

Class 15. The Singer Class 15 Sewing Machines feature a low shank and oscillating hooks. They use Class 15 bobbins and 15x1 needles.

What is a singer 15?

Model 15. The Singer Company first started production of its oscillating shuttle, high arm Improved Family machine in 1879. It was designed for domestic and light industrial sewing and came mainly fitted into treadle tables or cabinets, with just a few supplied as hand crank machines.

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