What is the meaning of commi chef?

The commis chef is a basic chef in pro kitchens who works under a chef de partie. They will learn a specific station's/ranges or sections responsibilities and operation. They may have recently completed formal culinary training or still undergoing training.


Also to know is, what is the role of a commis chef?

Commis Chefs are novice Chefs who work under Chef de Parties in commercial kitchens to expand their culinary knowledge and skills. They perform various kitchen duties, such as assisting Chef de Parties in meal preparations, receiving deliveries, and rotating stock.

Similarly, what are the levels of chefs? Kitchen Hierarchy - The Different Chef Titles Explained

In respect to this, what is the meaning of Commis 1?

1. Assisting other chefs in the kitchen. Commis chefs assist different station chefs (chef de partie) in the kitchen. They help prepare ingredients and do any tasks the chef de partie needs assistance with. The commis chef's duties can often depend on the responsibilities of the chef de partie they're assisting.

What is the meaning of Commi 2?

Assistant Cook (Commis 2) Description: The assistant cook position is the entry level chef position. Cook, plate and serve food with speed and accuracy according to established Company recipes and presentation. - Maintain cleanliness of all utensils and equipment in their assigned section.

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