What is the restaurant in Mrs Doubtfire?

Bridges Restaurant, Danville, Calif. In the beloved comedy Mrs. Doubtfire, Daniel (Robin Williams) Bridges Restaurant, located in Danville, Calif., is the setting for one of the most memorable scenes.


Consequently, what was the dinner in Mrs Doubtfire?

Bridges Restaurant - About Us. After the release of the motion picture, Mrs. Doubtfire, in which one of the most memorable comedy “reveal” scenes of all time was filmed, Bridges Restaurant and Bar received nationwide acclaim.

One may also ask, what does Pierce Brosnan choke on in Mrs Doubtfire? Male Actor Pierce Brosnan as Stu in Mrs. Doubtfire. One of the funny scenes in this movie includes the restaurant scene where Pierce Brosnan chokes on the piece of shrimp.

People also ask, where was the pool scene in Mrs Doubtfire filmed?

Claremont Hotel

How did Mrs Doubtfire get her name?

Daniel impersonated a woman when he spoke to Miranda over the phone about the ad and told her his name was Mrs. Doubtfire (he saw the words "doubt' and "fire" in the newspaper).

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