What kind of steak does Tender Greens use?

Executive chef of Tender Greens, Eleroy Arendse is in the backyard grilling up the perfect steak and pairing it with sweet yukon gold mash. * Taste and adjust if necessary. *We use flank steak. Cook meat on grill or heavy bottommed pan such as a cast iron.


Keeping this in view, what should I order at Tender Greens?


Also Know, how much is tender greens? “An average ticket at Tender Greens is $14,” Dressler says. “Maybe a little higher at dinner because people will have wine or beer with dinner.”

In this way, how healthy is tender greens?

At Tender Greens, patrons can eat very, very healthy, but they can also kick back and have fried chicken and mashed potatoes.

Is Tender Greens Organic?

They rebelled against that stereotype when they launched Tender Greens, a series of quick-service restaurants that serve fresh organic dishes made from local produce, cheeses, and meats. Tender Greens has grown to 12 restaurants and an estimated $40 million in annual revenue.

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