What side does the Jrotc bar go on?


Also know, what side does the Jrotc name tag go on?

The nametag is worn over the right breast pocket parallel with and centered above the top seam of the pocket on the male uniform.

One may also ask, how is the Jrotc uniform worn? JROTC subdued shoulder sleeve insignia is worn on the ACU uniform jacket. (2) How worn: it is worn on the upper part of the outer half of the left sleeve of only the AGU coat and ACU uniform jacket. The top of the insignia will be worn 1/2 inch below the top of the shoulder seam.

Beside above, where do the pins go on a Jrotc uniform?

Pins: Place between the second and third button, centered (left-right) on the seam. Each pin is placed 1/4 inch apart. JROTC Pin (Officers): Placed diagonally on the upper lapel.

When can I wear my Jrotc uniform?

The weekly uniform wear days are on Wednesday and Friday. On Wednesday's and during Special Events such as the District Pass in Review or Commander's Call, all cadets are required to wear either the Air Force JROTC Class A or Class B uniform.

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