What stage is industry versus inferiority?

industry versus inferiority. the fourth of Erikson's eight stages of psychosocial development, occurring from ages 6 to 11 years, during which the child learns to be productive and to accept evaluation of his or her efforts or becomes discouraged and feels inferior or incompetent.


Just so, what age is industry vs inferiority?

Erik Erikson proposed that all humans pass through eight stages of socioemotional development during a normal lifespan. The fourth stage, which he referred to as industry versus inferiority, occurs from about age six to puberty.

Also Know, what does industry mean in industry vs inferiority? Definition. Industry vs. Inferiority is the stage in which chil- dren enter into the greater society beyond the. family for the ?rst time.

Also know, what is Erikson's stage of industry versus inferiority?

Industry versus inferiority is the fourth stage of Erik Erikson's theory of psychosocial development, which happens after the third stage of initiative versus guilt. The stage occurs during childhood between the ages of approximately six and eleven.

What are the 7 stages of development?

7 Stages of Development. Assignment 2: Human Development There are seven stages a human moves through during his or her life span. These stages include infancy, early childhood, middle childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, middle adulthood and old age.

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