What was the cause of Frank Lucas death?

Natural causes


Simply so, what happened to Frank Lucas?

Lucas was convicted in federal court in New York and in Essex County, N.J. He was convicted of new drug charges in 1984 and imprisoned until 1991. His illicit assets were confiscated by the government in the 1970s, and he lived anonymously in the federal witness protection program for years.

Similarly, what happened to Frank Lucas wife? Wife. Lucas' wife was former Puerto Rican homecoming queen Julianna Farrait. She spent five years in prison for participating in her husband's drug enterprise. Once Farrait got out of prison, the couple lived apart for many years but got back together in 2006.

Beside this, when did Frank Lucas pass away?

May 30, 2019

Who did Frank Lucas snitch on?

Yes. In an interview, Frank Lucas said that he was extorted by corrupt cops who took over $200,000 a week (HOT 97 FM). These officers were part of the NYPD's Special Investigations Unit.

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