When did Rene Lalique die?

May 1, 1945


Considering this, where did Rene Lalique live?

René Lalique was born in Aÿ-en-Champagne in the Marne region of France. Some years later, the Lalique family moved to Paris but continued to spend holidays in Aÿ. René Lalique remained deeply attached to his birthplace throughout his life.

Additionally, how did Rene Lalique create his work? René Lalique (French, 1860 –1945) In 1885, he established his own company in Paris, and began making jewelry and other glass objects. He also experimented with rock crystal, and became the leading advocate for the use of glass in architectural structures.

Also asked, what influenced Rene Lalique?

The French glass designer Lalique is known for his creations of glass art, jewelry, perfume bottles and vases. A gifted artisan inspired by Japanese art and symbolist references, he revolutionized jewelry in its shape, theme and material.

When was Rene Lalique born?

April 6, 1860

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