Who is Basilio in Noli Me Tangere?

Basilio is a character who was first introduced in Noli Me Tangere as a child. In El Filibusterismo, he is an orphan following the deaths of his mother, Sisa, and brother, Crispin.


In this way, who is Crispin and Basilio in Noli Me Tangere?

Crispin: Basilio's younger brother. Basilio was very close to his brother Crispin, the two working together as sacristans at the San Diego church. Following the incident that left Crispin missing and presumably dead, Basilio became wracked with grief and guilt for leaving Crispin behind to save himself.

Furthermore, who is older Crispin and Basilio? Crispin, the younger brother of Basilio, is a timid boy with large black eyes—a victim of injustice at a young age. Crispin was falsely accused of stealing church money by the head sacristan, who punished him for a crime he did not commit and eventually killed him.

In this way, what does Basilio symbolize?

Basilio. Tasio symbolizes the learned Filipinos who had once embraced the culture of the Spanish regime. They eventually became disenchanted when they return to the Philippines and observe the stark contrast their countrymen receive from their colonizers.

WHO IS Donya Victorina in Noli Me Tangere?

Dona Victorina is a rich Filipina whose source of wealth is unknown. She married Don Tiburcio de Espedana fifteen years before the events of El Filibusterismo (El Fili).

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