Why are celery sticks soaked in saltwater more flexible than those soaked in plain water?

Why are celery sticks soaked in saltwater more flexible than those soaked in plain water? ?Celery sticks submerged in saltwater are more flexible since water is hypotonic to the inside of the cells within the celery. As such, the water flows into the cell and expands the celery, allowing it to be much more flexible.


Similarly, it is asked, why does salt water make celery flexible?

Since the concentration of salt is higher outside the celery, it causes a net movement of water out of the celery's cells. When the water moves out of the celery, its cells shrink, which causes the celery to become limp and soft.

Similarly, is celery hypertonic to freshwater? The cells of the celery stalk are hypertonic to fresh water but hypotonic to the salt solution. Water flows out of the hypotonic cells, into the hypertonic saltwater, making the cells limp and soft, (loss of turgor pressure).

Subsequently, one may also ask, what happens if you put celery in water?

Compared to distilled water, the solution within the cell walls is hypertonic. Therefore when celery is placed in water, the water flows into the cells of the celery. Therefore when the celery is placed in the saltwater solution water flows out of the celery, causing it to shrivel.

What causes the mass of the dialysis bags to change?

The mass of the dialysis bags changed because of osmosis, water moves from regions or low solute concentration to regions of high solute concentration. It depends on the solution the solutions you use that have more or less water in the bags.

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