Why are there holes in my spinach?

Slugs and snails – Slugs and snails also leave holes in spinach leaves. You can tell the difference by the size of the hole—slug and snail holes are much larger—and by the slime trail slugs and snails leave behind. Leaf miners – Leaf miners leave meandering tan trails on the leaves.


Also question is, what is eating holes in my spinach?

Crown mites are pests of spinach plants that are nearly invisible to the naked eye due to their small size. As the name suggests, these spinach pests live in the spinach's crown where they feed on leaves. As the mites eat, they create tiny holes in the spinach leaves.

Beside above, is it safe to eat lettuce with holes? Could be bugs, could be mechanical damage - in either case, and with holes being the only sign of anything, it should be perfectly safe to eat.

Just so, is it OK to eat greens with bug holes?

Insect damage, healed cuts, small holes or scars: For the most part, insect damage does not render fruits and vegetables inedible. If slugs take a little chew out of your lettuce or a weevil leaves a small hole in your pepper, cut away the damage and thoroughly inspect what is left.

Why do my plants have holes in them?

Holes in flower leaves usually indicate insect pests rather than disease, which tends to cause spots on the leaves or dropping leaves. Holes are caused by insects with chewing mouthparts, such as caterpillars and beetles. Those bugs that eat your plants probably feed birds and frogs.

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