Why is tissue processing done?

Once the tissue has been fixed, it must be processed into a form in which it can be made into thin microscopic sections. The usual way this is done is with paraffin. The technique of getting fixed tissue into paraffin is called tissue processing. The main steps in this process are dehydration and clearing.


Similarly, what is the purpose of tissue processing?

1. DEFINITION : Tissue processing: The aim of tissue processing is to embed the tissue in a solid medium firm enough to support the tissue and give it sufficient rigidity to enable thin sections to be cut, and yet soft enough not to damage the knife or tissue. Tissue processing stages involve: 1.1.

Beside above, what is tissue processing? Tissue processing is concerned with the diffusion of various substances into and out of porous tissues. Diffusion results from the tendency of processing reagents to equalize concentrations both inside and outside blocks of tissue.

Likewise, people ask, what are the steps of tissue processing?

Overview of the steps in tissue processing for paraffin sections

  1. Obtaining a fresh specimen. Fresh tissue specimens will come from various sources.
  2. Fixation. The specimen is placed in a liquid fixing agent (fixative) such as formaldehyde solution (formalin).
  3. Dehydration.
  4. Clearing.
  5. Wax infiltration.
  6. Embedding or blocking out.

What is dehydration in tissue processing?

Dehydration is simply the removal of water from aqueous-fixed tissue. Alcohols are most commonly used in the laboratory for tissue dehydration, since they are miscible with aqueous fixatives like 10% formalin. In this step, the alcohol penetrates tissue quickly and the water is replaced with alcohol.

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